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Spagna Secret Rooms

Get ready to be surrounded by the finest Roman restaurant’s and the most exclusive boutiques. A jewel hidden behind Piazza di Spagna, just waiting to be discovered!
Spagna Secret Rooms is located in the heart of Rome and all the major tourist attractions are within comfortable walking distance, in just a few minutes. The underground station (Spagna) is close by, making us easy to reach whether you fly into Rome or arrive by train.
From Termini railway station you can take Metro line A (travelling towards Battistini) and get off after three stops in Piazza di Spagna. Near Spagna Secret Rooms you can stroll among the shops and boutiques of the finest Italian and foreign designers, or simply lose yourself in the elegant streets of this beautifully fascinating part of Rome.


Via della Croce 20, Piazza di Spagna
Tel: +39 06.51847203
Mob: +39 340.6093479

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